Hiking Classes

Are you ready to experience what’s always been in your backyard in an entirely new way? Kentucky has wondrously diverse ecosystems, which our program uses as a giant, learning laboratory to help students fall in love with nature and learn about the science and impacts that their actions have on the environment!

Rugged Research programs are led by certified teachers and outdoor educators who use innovative experiential learning methods and a extensive knowledge of our parks to guide students on a journey of discovery to help build a deeper connection with the natural world. 

These are drop off only classes for ages 7-11.
These classes feature a new theme at a different Lexington, KY park/green space each week.
To protect the privacy of our student and instructors, specific locations will be emailed upon registration. Contact us for more details.
*Minimum enrollment of 3 students per class

Through the ‘Close Encounters with Nature’s Wonders’ course, students will have fun learning to observe nature, gather information, and analyze ideas about natural processes.

Our program extends this learning and helps students make connections to larger global environmental issues. Rugged Research helps students develop a more mindful awareness of their everyday encounters with the natural world and fosters resilience and confidence while decreasing stress in their lives. Our school year program is a great way to make new friendships and disconnect from the screen every week!

Topics Include:

  • Ecology ​​
    • ​Sample topics:
      • ​The Secret Life of Trees
      • River Days
      • Flower Power​
  • Kentucky Wildlife Biology ​
    • Sample topics:
      • ​​​Migration Station
      • BUGS-101
      • Bird’s the Word! 
  • Environmental Science​
    • Sample topics:​
      • Geology Rocks!
      • Fossil Frenzy
      • Mountain Peaks to Coral Reefs