School Programs

Now offering in-school field trips and after school programs!

In-School Field Trips

After School Programs

Rugged Research offers after school programming to elementary schools in Lexington. Our after-school program brings educators to your child’s school to immerse students in the wonders of nature and science. Each class takes place in the school yard or a local park where students are able to have close encounters with nature’s wonders!

Every class has an engaging theme for student inquiry and investigations, from micro-hikes- where students shrink their focus down to a bug’s eye point of view and go on a journey of discovery of micro-environments, to mini-beast surveys- where students go on a scavenger hunt to find wild pollinators! 

Kentucky has wondrously diverse ecosystems, which our program uses as a giant, learning laboratory to help students fall in love with nature and learn about the impact of their actions on the environment. Our program extends this learning and helps students make connections to larger global environmental issues. Rugged Research helps students develop a more mindful awareness of their everyday encounters with the natural world and fosters resilience and confidence while  decreasing anxiety and stress in their own lives.

Topics Include: 

  • Ecology ​​
    • ​Sample topics:
      • ​The Secret Life of Trees
      • River Days
      • Flower Power​
  • Kentucky Wildlife Biology ​
    • Sample topics:
      • Amazing Appalachia
      • Bugs 101
      • Bird’s the Word! 
  • Environmental Science​
    • Sample topics:​
      • Geology Rocks!
      • Fossil Frenzy
      • Mountain Peaks to Coral Reefs ​
  • And many other customized lessons!

Please contact us to bring Rugged Research to your school!